Personal Watercraft & Jet Boat Repair

  • Boat Repair

    Students will receive Yamaha Introduction to Jet Propulsion (ITJP) Certification upon successful completion of the course.

    Through a combination of classroom and hands-on training students will learn the basic skills needed to work on personal watercraft and jet boat systems and drives. They will gain specific experience with Yamaha watercraft along with skills that will transfer with other brands.

    Week #1: Boating Basics

    Labs: Trailer Components, Trailer Wheels and Bearings, Trailer Lights, Trailer PDI, Watercraft/Jet Boat Components ID, Watercraft/Jet Boat PDI, Engine Flush Procedure

    Week #2: Materials, Common Parts and Tools

    Labs: Drilling Plastics and Wood, Drilling Metals, Tapping Metals, Thread Repair, Pop Rivets and RIVNUT Install, HELIcoil Install, Precision Measurement, Volume Measurement, Torque Wrench and Torque Angle

    Week #3-5: Electrical 

    Labs: Electrical Circuit Boards, Battery Service, Starter Testing, Wire Repair, Starter Motor Repair, Ignition Testing, Spark Plug Service, Throttle Position Sensor Testing, Electrical Component ID, Charging System Testing, Crank Position Sensor Testing

    Week #6 and 7: Fuel and Intake Systems

    Labs: Alcohol Testing, Fuel Pump Testing, Fuel Injector Testing/Cleaning, Carburetor Rebuild, Live Throttle Position Sensor Testing, Live Air Pressure Sensor Testing, Live Temperature Sensor Testing, Live Hall Effect Sensor Testing, Live O2 Sensor Testing

    Week #8 and 9: Engines

    Labs: Oil and Filter Change, Compression Test/Cylinder Leakage, Valve Adjustment, Camshaft Timing, Cylinder Head/Valve Inspection

    Week #10: Jet Pumps

    Labs: Steering Nozzle Remove and Replace, Impeller Inspection/Remove and Replace, Intake Grate/Ride Plate Remove and Replace, 

    Week #11: Cooling and Exhaust Systems

    Labs: Cooling System Inspection, Cooling Screen Inspection, Exhaust Manifold Remove and Replace, Water Lockbox Remove and Replace, Engine Block Anode Remove and Replace, 

    Week #12: Hull and Deck Components

    Labs: Bilge Pump Inspection/R&R

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