School Library System

E-Book Collection



    Axis 360 Magic Wall - Middle/High School Portal
    • Bestsellers
    • Classics
    • Academic non-fiction
    • For pleasure reading and curriculum support grades 7-12

    Axis 360 Magic Wall - Elementary Portal

    • Wide variety of fiction and nonfiction titles

    • For academic and pleasure reading

    • Grades K-6


    Axis 360 Magic Wall - Class Sets and Audiobooks Portal

    • Curriculum related titles for whole class reading

    • Audiobooks for reading support and pleasure listening

    • Grades K-12

    • Fully interactive ebooks

    • Animated illustrations, audio, and print engage young and reluctant readers 

    • Computer, phone and tablet access

    • Physical and Environmental Science and Technology collections for elementary and middle school students

    • Social Sciences collection for high school students

    • "Big 6" professional collection for teachers

    • Over 1,000 non-fiction titles covering all disciplines in grades K-12.
    • Formally Marshall Cavendish
    • Contact us for username and password.
    • Internet safety collections for elementary and secondary students

    • Cyberbullying information supports the Dignity for All Students Act 

    • Engaging, interactive ebook format


  • School Library System Coordinator
    P:  (315) 253-7609

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