• Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Makerspace

    The makerspace is an inviting environment that allows students to explore and create through hands-on learning.  With the support of teachers and Technology Integration Specialists, the space is transformed into a setting where curriculum aligned projects are expanded.  Through the use of a wide range of tools from no tech to high tech, from cardboard to laser cutters, ideas can come to life.  The makerspace allows students to enter with an idea, explore, collaborate, create, and leave with a tangible finished project. There are challenges and standards that students have to meet, but also enough freedom to grow and have fun. “I don’t want to leave” is a typical comment heard in the space.  Creative freedom and the innate desire to make, coupled with the application of cross-curricular skills are key to why the space is so effective.

     If you would like to schedule a trip with your class to the makerspace, contact your Technology Integration Specialist today to design and develop a curriculum-aligned plan that works best for your students.

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