• Graphic Design

    & New Media

    The Graphic Design & New Media Program offers high school juniors and seniors broad-based instruction and hands-on experience in visual communications fields. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter college or begin entry-level employment in their chosen field. Students gain experiential knowledge and skills with emergingmedia technologies that apply to graphic design, illustration, digital photography, marketing, computer animation, web design, and video production. Students are encouraged to pursue continued education and will graduate from our program with a portfolio that demonstrates artistic and technical competency. This portfolio will have a web and/or video component that displays each student’s skills.

    Program Content

    First Year

    • Macintosh OSX & Adobe Creative Cloud
    • The Elements of Art
    • The Principles of Design
    • Illustration (Adobe Illustrator)
    • Graphic Design Basics
    • History of Graphic Design
    • How to use a digital camera and scanner
    • Photo editing (Adobe Photoshop)
    • Page Layout (Adobe InDesign)
    • History of New Media (From Film to Interactive Websites)
    • Basic web design
    • Basic animation (Adobe Animate)
    • Basic digital video production
    • Potential Career Options
    • CTE Portfolio Development
    • Self-Promotion & Business Networking
    • Adobe Certified Associate Exam
    • NOCTI Certification Exam

    Second Year

    Individual Track Based System

    All second year students will continue to learn the extensive range of electronic arts started in the first year. Each student can choose a specific track based on their interest while earning her/his Career & Technical Endorsement. This means the teacher will guide  students through their chosen track working with clients, going on internships, and preparing the for the workplace or college.

    Track 1 - Graphic Artist/Designer (Print)

    • Advanced Adobe Illustrator
    • Advanced Digital Photography
    • Advanced Adobe Photoshop
    • Advanced Typography
    • Advanced Adobe InDesign
    • Portfolio (Graphic Design)

    Track 2 - Media Artist/Designer (Screen)

    • Advanced Digital Photography
    • Advanced Adobe Photoshop
    • Advanced Animation
    • Advanced Digital Video Production


  • Terry Cuddy
    P: (315) 253-0361 ext. 5118

    Elaine Buchberger
    Teacher Assistant

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    All second-year students will complete a Career and Technical Education Portfolio that exhibits necessary elements for CTE Endorsement and demonstrates competencies in Graphic Design & New Media.

    Internship Experiences
    Students can participate in an internship experience where they will apply their knowledge while working with professionals in authentic career settings. Students will have an opportunity to dialog with practitioners via guest presentations while developing professional insights and future educational plans.

    College Credit Opportunities

    • Onondaga Community College (3 credits)
    • Cayuga Community College (3-6 credits)
    • Integrated English Credit - 12th Grade


    • Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication
    • NOCTI - Visual Communication & Multimedia Design

    Potential Careers

    With BOCES & additional Training

    • Illustration
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Digital Photography
    • Pre-Press Technician
    • Video Editing
    • Videography
    • Web Design
    • Animation
    • Commercial Photography
    • Film & Video Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Public Relations & Marketing