• Integrated Academics


    The English Language Arts component to the Career and Technical Education classes offers students the opportunity to master English Language Arts competencies within the students’ field of interest.   The ELA lessons are designed to teach students sound research skills, technical reading and commencement- level writing.  Students are exposed to a wide range of informational texts as well as literature-based readings.  Additionally, students are introduced to entrepreneurship education.

    Seniors have the opportunity to receive their English 12 credit in the following Career and Technical Education courses:

    • Auto Body
    • Computer Systems and Network Administration
    • Cosmetology
    • Criminal Justice
    • Culinary Arts
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Emerging Careers in Commerce, Fashion, Music, Gaming and Entertainment
    • Graphic Design and New Media
    • Health Related Occupations
    • Outdoor Power Equipment and Powersports Technology
    • Plant, Animal and Life Sciences

    English Contact


    An integrated approach to the study of Mathematics through a variety of problem solving projects. Students will learn principles of Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry. The course will carry one credit in Math for a number of CTE programs. This model has been approved by all component school districts as a locally developed second or third unit of Math under the Regent’s Action Plan.

    In addition, students will be prepared to take the Regents in Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II.

    • Applied Electrical Technology
    • Auto Body Technology
    • Auto Technology
    • Computer Systems and Network Administration
    • Criminal Justice
    • Construction Building Trades
    • Culinary Arts
    • Heavy Equipment Repair and Operation
    • Machining and Welding
    • Outdoor power Equipment and Powersports Technology

    Math Contact

    Erin O'Hora
    Mathematics Instructor
    P:  (315) 253-0361 ext. 5254

    Dillon Zumbolo
    Mathematics Instructor
    P:  (315) 253-0361 ext. 5258


  • Physical Education

    The Physical Education program is an important part of the total growth and development process of each student. Our program requires our students to meet twice a week all year. All students receive grades based on participation, attitude, effort, knowledge of sports, lifetime leisure activities and health-related fitness, physical ability and interaction with others (sportsmanship, self-control, etc.). We include some modified team sports, lifetime sports, individual sports, and health-related fitness activities as part of our curriculum. Our students receive a meaningful and successful educational program that meets the individual needs of each student, as well as the State and National standards.

    Students receive the following handouts at the beginning of the year: 
    • Grading Policy
    • Medical Excuse Form
    • Physical Education Guidelines 
    • Student Fact Sheet

    Physical Ed. Contact

    Meghan Ragucci
    Physical Education Instructor
    P:  (315) 253-0361 ext. 5128

    Social Studies

    A variety of social studies courses are offered at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES to assist students in fulfilling their graduation requirements. Collaboration between the Career & Technical teachers and the social studies teacher throughout the school year ensures the success of the students. Each course is taught in accordance with the New York State Common Core Learning Standards and the New York State K-12 Social Studies Framework. Blended learning format combines face to face classroom instruction and online instruction. Global History and Geography, U.S. History and Government, and Academic. Intervention Services (AIS) for Global History and U.S. History fully support successful completion of each corresponding Regents examination as required for graduation.

    Courses offered are:

    • Participation in Government
    • Economics
    • U.S. History and Government
    • Global History and Geography
    • AIS for Global History and U.S. History Regents exams

    Social Studies Contact

    Chris Legg
    Social Studies Instructor
    P:  (315) 253-0361 ext. 5256