Distance Learning

  • At Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Distance Learning encompasses both synchronous and asynchronous methods of course and content delivery.  We service and support the nine component districts within the BOCES.  (Auburn, Cato-Meridian, Jordan-Elbridge, Moravia, Port Byron, Skaneateles, Southern Cayuga, Union Springs, and Weedsport.) Educational technology in the form of equipment and software is used to bring students and teachers together for the purpose of course and content delivery as well as to enhance traditional classroom instruction.
    Synchronous learning or “real-time” learning is the more traditional teacher student face-to-face model.  Teachers hosting courses transmit to multiple distant sites.  This is accomplished by using Internet Protocol (IP) videoconferencing equipment.  Students and teachers are in constant communication via video and audio connections.  These interactive sessions connect two or more sites into one session.  In certain situations, where more than four connections need to be made, an IP video conferencing bridge can be used.  Videoconferencing allows schools to connect for regular or daily class instruction, collaborations, and virtual field trips. The technology can also be used for professional development.  Virtual field trips are used to enhance classroom instruction.  This type of connectivity can range from a large group to a single student.
    Asynchronous learning is “anytime anywhere” instruction.  The common term used to describe this method is online learning. The Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES eLearning Academy enrolls students in an online environment. Students receive instruction by using a Learning Management System with the support of a certified teacher.