• Machining & Welding

    Our competency-based Machining and Welding Program is a unique blend of two professions. The goal of this program is to help students develop job readiness skills relative to the welding and machining occupations. Good work ethics and employable skills are taught through classroom theory and shop activities. The course curriculum will be presented by classroom instruction, shop activities, and industrial tours.

    Students will visit local industry and see how the computer and CNC equipment has dominated today’s manufacturing. Within the first year, students learn the basic theory and skills of both welding and machining through required classroom and shop activities. Measurement, blueprint reading, layout, machine setup, and operation of various types of welders and machines are all studied and applied. Required activities and projects act as a curriculum core in order for students to learn the fundamentals of these occupations. Once core requirements are completed, individual projects are encouraged to expand on these skills.  

    Second-year students have the opportunity to specialize in either the machining or welding portion of the program. Students will continue to develop their knowledge and ability through advanced trade applications in the occupation of their choice. In welding, students will focus on different types of welding procedures, as well as basic design and fabrication skills using pipe benders, rollers, brakes, and shears. In machining, students will expand on their current machine operations and setup skills, along with CNC programming and operation using "Mastercam" software, Haas CNC lathes, and vertical machining centers.

    Program Content

    First Year


    • Blueprint Reading
    • Basic math and linear measurement
    • Setup and operation of a drill press, band saw, grinders, lathes, and milling machines
    • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine operation


    • Blueprint Reading
    • Oxy-Acetylene cutting, welding, and brazing
    • MIG and Arc welding carbon steel
    • Cutting and shearing techniques of band saws, abrasive cutoff saws, 10 gage shears and 35 ton ironworkers

    Second Year Machining

    • Advanced measurement techniques and instruments
    • Advanced lathe and mill operations involving internal threading, grooving, boring, precision machining & grinding, and developing production machining & fabrication processes
    • Finishing and Inspection
    • Surface grinding
    • Finish quality and instruments
    • CNC - Computer Numerical Control
    • Manual programming and CAM programming CNC (using Mastercam) lathes & mills
    • CNC setup and operation of lathe and mill


    • More advanced welding techniques such as designing and using basic jigs & fixtures, out of position welding, focusing on Arc, MIG & TIG welding, and other basic fabrication techniques
    • Welding aluminum and stainless steel with MIG and TIG
    • Plasma Arc Cutting setup and operation
    • Oxy-Acetylene setup and cutting techniques


  • Devin Gowen
    P: (315) 253-0361 ext. 5602

    Connor Mackenzie
    Teacher Assistant


    -Completed Career Portfolio 

    -Integrated Math Credit Internship Experience 

    -Articulation Agreements/College Credit
    • Cayuga Community College
    • Art Institute of Pittsburgh
    • Pennsylvania College of Technology

    Internship Experiences

    Students can participate in an internship experience where they will apply their knowledge while working with professionals in authentic career settings. Students will have an opportunity to dialog with practitioners via guest presentations while developing professional insights and future educational plans.

    Proper Materials

    Students enrolling in this program will be
    responsible for:

    • small toolbox
    • 8" leather work boots
    • shop apron

    Potential Careers


    • General Machinist
    • Apprentice Tool & Die Maker
    • CNC Operator
    • Inspection
    • CNC Programmer*
    • Setup/Troubleshooter*
    • Tool & Die Maker*
    • Mechanical Engineer*
    • Industrial Engineer*
    • CAD Programmer*


    • Welder’s Helper
    • DOT Certified Welder
    • MIG Welder
    • TIG Welder
    • Fabricator
    • Pipe Welder*
    • Pipefitter/Steamfitter*
    • Certified TIG Welder*
    • Mechanical Engineer*
    • HVAC Technician*
    • Industrial Engineer*

    * Advanced Employment - Additional training may be necessary.