• Exploration in Food

    Service & Hospitality

    In the Exploration in Food Service & Hospitality Careers program students will learn basic food preparation, culinary
    techniques, baking, cooking and proper food handling. Students will work in a professional environment while gaining skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment in a variety of food service settings.

    Program Content

    • Employability Skills
    • Safety and Sanitation
    • Knife Skills
    • Basic Food Preparation Skills
    • Production Skills
    • Baking
    • Menu Planning and Recipe Conversion
    • Dining Room Set Up
    • Dishwashing


  • Kelly Bryant
    P: (315) 253-0361 ext. 5701

    Ann Marie Bizzari
    Teacher Assistant


    The program curriculum is set at a pace with individualized student needs in mind. Tasks change on a daily basis. Students will learn in an industrial kitchen where they will prepare lunches,
    organize banquets and cater a variety of events. The program provides students with various skill levels the opportunity to learn and grow in a small group collaborative environment.

    Potential Careers

    • Dishwasher
    • Prep Cook
    • Bus Person/Server Assistant
    • Fast Food Crew Person
    • Backend Kitchen help