• Auto Body


    The Auto Body Program will prepare students for employment in the automotive body repair field. It focuses on training in the repair and/or replacement of damaged metal and glass in vehicles. While learning these skills, students will get hands-on experience in straightening bent frames, removing dents, welding torn metal, replacing parts and refinishing.

    Program Content

    Basic Refinishing

    • Spray Guns & Spray Booth Maintenance
    • Compressors—Air Supply Equipment
    • Surface Preparations
    • Surface Refinishing
    • Paint Touch-ups
    • Paint Identification & Color Matching

    Welding & Cutting:

    • Oxy-acetylene Equipment Operation
    • Plasma Cutting
    • Welding Procedures & Techniques
    • Welding Supplies & Materials
    • MIG Welding
    • Spot Welding

    Body Construction

    • Tools & Equipment
    • Body Shop Safety & Customer Liability
    • Body on Frame & Unibody/Damage Analysis and Repair

    Applied Body Repairs

    • Metal Straightening & Fabrication
    • Panel Replacement
    • Plastic & Fiberglass Repair
    • Auto Glass Replacement

    Shop Management

    • Procurement of Supplies & Parts
    • Equipment & Tool Management
    • Damage Estimating
    • Employee & Work Scheduling



    All second-year students will complete a Career and Technical Education Portfolio that exhibits necessary elements for CTE Endorsement and demonstrates competencies in Auto Body

    Internship Experiences

    Students can participate in an internship experience where they will apply their knowledge while working with professionals in authentic career settings. Students will have an opportunity to dialog with practitioners via guest presentations while developing professional insights and future educational plans.

    Potential Careers

    With BOCES training:

    • Body Helper
    • Paint Preparer
    • Auto Detailer
    • Paint Technician
    • Body Technician

    With additional training:

    • Frame & Auto Body Specialist
    • Body Shop Supply Store / Customer Service Representative
    • Field Representative for Automotive Paint Company
    • Shop Estimator
    • Shop Owner
    • Automobile Insurance Claim Adjuster
    • Auto Body Computer Program Designer