• About Us

    The Special Education Department’s administrative team provides leadership and vision, ensuring quality programming for our students. The administrative team has the responsibility to assure services are delivered effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. Our goal is to nurture a collaborative working relationship with the component school districts, parents, service agencies, and the State Education Department. Our highest responsibility is to ensure the provision of our services is based upon data, research, expressed need, and a vision for the future.

Our Team

Scope of Services

    • Develop, interpret, and present programs and objectives of the Special Education Department to boards of education, administrators, staff, parents, and the community.
    • Evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of the program, curriculum, procedures, and achievements of the Special Education Department.
    • Plan and administer the budget for Special Education services.
    • Assure appropriate instructional space is available for students with disabilities.
    • Administer and design effective intake and discharge procedures for students referred for BOCES classrooms.
    • Recruit, select, and supervise Special Education personnel.
    • Serve as consultant to district CSEs in relation to committee responsibilities, procedures (due process), information, and knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations governing students with disabilities.
    • Organize and coordinate current research and best practice in the provision of Special Education services.
    • Develop and implement professional development training for staff.