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Higgins Still Enjoys Problem-Solving Each Day!

After more than 20 years of service to Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES, eLearning Specialist Jennie Higgins still enjoys problem-solving each and every day.


Starting her BOCES tenure in 2000 as a CTE Social Studies Teacher, Higgins has also served as an eLearning Teacher and a Virtual Advance Placement Course Writer. In July 2019, Higgins transitioned to her role as an eLearning Specialist, which assists students with learning, understanding, and troubleshooting their Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure success with their online courses.


“I became interested in the BOCES learning environment since year one of my teaching career. While working in CTE I was able to witness students being interested in their course of study, dedication and various learning styles of CTE teachers, and the collaboration among the teachers and administrators, I knew that I was teaching in an amazing learning environment. Students were responsible and responsive in this environment because they were taking their learning in the CTE class to the next level. To have them come to my room for their Social Studies credit meant that they were investing in their future to obtain graduation credits that were going to continue to open their doors of opportunities. To have the fortune to be a part of this my entire career is very rewarding,” she said.


Higgins said her favorite part of the job is working with the students, their online teachers, their counselors, and their parents to provide opportunities for success that they did not realize were possible.

“When a student is having an issue with their program or course, it is great feeling to be that person that can provide them with options so that they can continue moving forward,” she said.


Higgins added that her colleagues at Eagle Drive are also instrumental to the success of her career.


“I cannot say enough how I feel like I have won the ‘work lottery.’ To come in each day with the feeling of the support and concern that we have for each other is priceless,” she said. “We brainstorm, learn, and explore new techniques and learning styles with each other that benefit all members of this valuable team.”


When asked what advice she would give to a new BOCES staff member, Higgins said to always be open to the opinions of others and the opportunities that they will afford you.


“All BOCES teachers and staff work together to make the team successful. Some are seasoned with experience, while others bring new energy and ideas to the table. Working with everyone at BOCES creates opportunities for you to grow both professionally and personally,” she said.


In her free time, Higgins loves to travel with her family, who have visited 44 states in the Continental United States, and have also been to Canada, Iceland, and most of Western Europe.

“I started traveling as an airman stationed in Germany in the early 1990’s and experiencing other cultures was and is of great interest to me,” she said.