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Rachele Schulze-Phoenix Has a Passion for Teaching

After more than thirty years in education, CTE Special Education Teacher Rachele Schulze-Phoenix still has a passion for helping her students succeed.

Schulze-Phoenix began her BOCES journey in August of 1999 as a CTS Teacher. In 2013, she transitioned to a 12:1 teaching position at Port Byron High School for six years. She then returned to main campus to establish her current role as a CTE Special Education Teacher.

“This is where my passion is. And it’s such a unique role,” she said. “A lot of times, students struggle with academics the whole way through school. But when they come here, they really excel because it’s not something they’re made to do or asked to do. It’s something they enjoy doing. They really excel with the hands-on work.”

After more than three decades of working as an educator, Schulze-Phoenix said seeing the success of her students is what keeps her motivated.

“It’s amazing when you see students who really enjoy coming here. I have some kids ask, ‘Can’t I stay here all day?’ Because they love coming to school.”

When asked what advice she would provide to new BOCES staff members, Schulze-Phoenix said to embrace the students and your role in their success.

Be the teacher the students are happy to see every day. Be the teacher they're excited to come to school for and work hard for. Be the teacher they respect and want to impress and do their best for. Be the teacher they will remember long after they graduate,” she said.

In her free time, Schulze-Phoenix loves to spend time with her husband and three children. They enjoy traveling – particularly to a nice beach – and camping.