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Hanulewicz Joins Compass as New Social Studies Teacher

As we continue introducing the newest staff members with our Compass Program, we would like you to meet Luke Hanulewicz. Hanulewicz is one of two new Social Studies teachers at Compass, and he brings with him a fresh wave of enthusiasm and energy.

A native of Buffalo, Hanulewicz earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Buffalo. After graduation, he moved to Auburn, NY and joined the team at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES.

Hanulewicz said that he finds Compass a great environment where he is surrounded by supportive coworkers. Their camaraderie and shared dedication to their students creates a nurturing atmosphere for both students and staff.

"I've learned so much already," Hanulewicz said.

Having previously student-taught in rural middle and high schools prepared him for the varied demographics at Compass. Hanulewicz noted however, the significant difference in class sizes and the personal connections he gets to forge with each student.

"Here at Compass, it's hard to fly under the radar," Hanulewicz said.

Adjusting to the block scheduling with 75-minute class periods was different at first, but Hanulewicz finds it allows him to balance instructional time with the care and personalization each student deserves. 

Hanulewicz finds teaching to be rewarding, particularly when he gets to witness the connections his students make between classroom lessons and real-world events.

"I remember teaching about the strikes of the early 1900s, and a month later, one of my students witnessed a strike outside a factory," Hanulewicz said.

The student shared with Hanulewicz how he explained to his parents what he had been learning in Social Studies.

“It was great seeing that not only had he learned something in class, but he had also made that connection outside of school,” Hanulewicz said.

Such moments reaffirm Hanulewicz's belief in the profound impact teachers can have on their students' lives, even if they don't always see the immediate effects of their efforts.

Outside the classroom, Hanulewicz is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan, traveling home to watch a game whenever they were playing. He also enjoys hitting the gym and unwinding with video games, a hobby he recently delved deeper into thanks to his older brother's assistance helping him build a gaming PC.