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Team Spotlight

We are pleased to shine a well-deserved light on the dedicated and passionate team of educators who make up the Kim-Feneck classroom on main campus at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES. Their commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences for students with diverse learning needs is truly commendable. 

The team consists of Soryoung Kim-Fenek (teacher), Jenna DeLapp (teaching assistant), Stephanie Baker (teacher aide), and Niki Wall (counselor). Collectively, they have been working at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES for more than 37 years, demonstrating their long-term dedication to the program and its students.

The team finds several rewards in their work, including the joy of students being happy to come to school and getting to learn their individual personalities and humor. They also find fulfillment in witnessing the progress students make with their support.

The team places an emphasis on the importance of working together to help see different perspectives, especially in understanding what is best for the students. They focus on consistency in handling student behavior, while also considering individual needs and flexibility.

“I love my job and I see what we do and the changes that are made. It’s not a guessing game. It works,” Kim-Feneck said.

Communication is a vital aspect of their teamwork. They check in with each other, plan, and maintain a structured environment to ensure that students receive the best possible support.

“Seeing the progress students are making and having a good team by you to help you is rewarding,” DeLapp said. “There are times you need help seeing things from a different point of view to help show you the best way to work with a student.”

As a team, they strongly believe in the potential of every child. Instead of viewing students through the lens of their disabilities, they focus on their capabilities and positivity.

“I believe in the kids, and I believe in educating the child. Everybody is capable. Instead of using disability, we should ask, ‘how capable is this child,’” Kim-Feneck said.

The team’s dedication, collaborative spirit, and belief in their students are truly inspiring and contribute significantly to creating a positive learning environment at Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES.