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Cato-Meridian's Jenna Landon Receives Regional Library Award


To mark Library Week, NYS Senator Iwen Chu solicited nominations from across the state for librarians who go above and beyond to serve their communities, and among the 10 recipients was Cato-Meridian Library Media Specialist Jenna Landon.


"Library Week is a time to recognize and celebrate what libraries mean to our communities. As chair of the libraries committee, it is my great honor to introduce this resolution marking Library Week on April 23 to 29. I thank the work of all librarians and library workers for the support they provide communities,” said Senator Chu. “For this Library Week, it is my honor to recognize 10 outstanding librarians that go above and beyond the job for New Yorkers. They have demonstrated commitment and passion for their work. With their staff, these librarians provide a great service and value to communities across New York State.”  


In describing why Landon was selected, a press release out of Senator Chu’s office states: Jenna has created several dynamic spaces for children to embrace reading, try new things, and share their learning with each other and the school community. Jenna also devotes her time to volunteering on school committees to help broaden the opportunities for our students and has helped our staff with understanding and utilizing new technology. Jenna shares an open-mind and a message of acceptance and kindness with our students every day.”


School Library System Coordinator Penny Sweeney said is it an honor and pleasure for her to get to work with Landon.

“In two short years
at Cato-Meridian, they have captured the essence of what a highly effective school librarian is. They are involved in school-wide STEM activities, One School One Read, they teach media literacy standards – even leading the regional librarians in training – digital citizenship and computer science standards and have transformed the school library into a vibrant and valued part of the school community. I look forward to working with Jenna as they continue to develop a highly effective library program in Cato-Meridian Elementary,” Sweeney said.