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Students Create Commercials in Cayuga-Onondaga Emerging Careers Program

Students in the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Emerging Careers in Commerce program were recently tasked with creating a concept commercial for a company, and one student went above and beyond.

Weedsport Junior Matthew Picciano used Adobe Animate for his insurance company commercial, the only one in his class to take that approach. Picciano hand drew each frame before using the software to animate the drawings into video form.

“Making each frame and seeing the story come to life was the best part,” said Picciano. “It was really cool. I think the hardest part was just creating the concept for the business.”

The Emerging Careers in Commerce program provides students with the opportunities to explore their interests in fashion, sports marketing, music, gaming, and entertainment, diving into real-world learning business applications and developing a professional portfolio.


Student working on project