• Description of Services

    Integrated Professional Learning

    The Integrated Professional Learning Service is a site-based staff development service. Providers in this service will deliver staff development in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment and data. This service is provided by two Professional Learning Coaches with the depth and the breadth of knowledge in these areas. By design of the model, each Professional Learning Coach provides high-quality, research-based, customized, job-embedded opportunities for learning.
    Districts that purchase the Integrated Professional Learning service will receive a fixed number of on-site professional development days and can use their assigned Professional Learning Coach to develop inquiry teams and/or conduct mini-sessions, workshops, data-gathering observations, observations with feedback of instructional strategies, model lessons, planning sessions, problem solving, and facilitation of study groups. The service calendar is developed in the spring for the following academic year and districts are provided with a schedule of delivery for the entire year. In addition to receiving a fixed number of on-site days, districts who participate in the Integrated Professional Learning Service have unlimited access to all regional workshops offered through the service.  This service is overseen by the Coordinator of Professional Development.

    Comprehensive School Improvement

    The Comprehensive School Improvement Service provides professional development opportunities uniquely designed for administrators, including leadership coaching, training, and retreats for districts, as well as boards of education.
    Through participation in the school improvement COSER, districts have access to collaborative staff development opportunities designed to impact their district’s goals.  Shared Curriculum Coordinators are also available through this service. All requests are subject to the guidelines and approval processes of the School Improvement COSER.