Weedsport CSD Superintendent Search

  • Weedsport

    The Weedsport Board of Education has selected Brian Hartwell, Ed.D., Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES District Superintendent, to be their Search Consultant for the superintendent search to replace Mr. Shaun O’Connor when he retires. The Board of Education is fully committed to identifying the most qualified leader that is best fit to guide the school district. Stakeholder and community input play a vital role in conducting a successful search. Therefore, the Board of Education invites community members to participate in the online survey that can be found by clicking the following link: Weedsport Central School District: Superintendent Search Survey

    The Board of Education of the Weedsport Central School District is in search of an exceptional educational leader to fulfill the position of Superintendent of Schools. We are actively seeking a highly capable individual with a strong track record in evaluating and enhancing student achievement, while also spearheading the development and execution of inventive educational initiatives for all students. Furthermore, the ideal candidate should possess the ability to inspire confidence among various stakeholders, thereby fostering a sense of community pride and forging valuable partnerships. 

    Effective interpersonal skills and proficient communication abilities are essential attributes for this role. The successful applicant will be tasked with building meaningful relationships and engaging with diverse individuals and groups within the community.

    Candidates who are interested in learning more about the position and the process can find more information by following the links below: