• Summer School

    High School - All high school classes will be held online and are scheduled to start July 8th and end on August 15th. Regents Exams will be held at Port Byron High School on August 19-20. Please see the Summer School calendar for details.

    Driver Education – All Driver Education programs will be run by the home school districts.

    Middle School - This program will not be offered this summer.

    Elementary – In-person instruction will be offered for elementary programming, depending on the school district. The majority of programs are scheduled to start July 8th and end August 1st. 


    Students are registered for summer school by the guidance counselor at their home school district. Parents cannot register students for summer school classes. Please contact your home school guidance counselor for details. 

    Online Summer School Credit Accrual

    If you are looking to get ahead or staying on track towards graduation, credit accrual may assist you in staying on track. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate mastery at your own pace. There’s good news if you are willing to work hard within an online learning environment this summer. Within a structured school environment, you will be provided support and guidance by a certified teacher. Attendance and participation is critical to your success. Successful completion of course assessments are required to earn credit. Please contact your home school guidance counselor for details. 

    Summer School Employment

    Please visit olasjobs.org if you are interested in any Summer School employment opportunities, or visit the Summer School Employment Opportunities page.

    Student Eligibility

    • Student must be registered at one of our 9 component school districts
    • Student must be recommended by counselor and/or high school principal
    • Student must express a desire to participate in an online learning environment
    • Student must demonstrate basic computer literacy skills


  • Drew Yakawiak
    Summer School Principal
    P: (315) 255-7630