District Superintendent Dr. Brian K. Hartwell

  • Brian HartwellThe District Superintendent serves both the State Education Department (SED) and the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. In this capacity, under Education Law, the District Superintendent functions as the Chief Executive Officer of BOCES, supervising the administration of the services BOCES provides at the request of the component districts. The District Superintendent is also responsible for providing leadership as a regional representative of the Commissioner of Education. In this role, the District Superintendent may be asked by the Commissioner to represent him/her on special assignments in the school districts within the assigned supervisory area.

    The District Superintendent’s Duties Also Include:

    Liaison Services:

    • Facilitate communications between districts and SED

    • Interpret, clarify and assist in the implementation of New York State Education Law and rules and regulations of the Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education

    • Engage the community to build a coalition of support for student success 

    Superintendent Searches:

    • Upon request, the BOCES District Superintendent may be called upon by a component board of education to act as a consultant in the selection of the Superintendent of Schools, in the recruitment, screening, and evaluation of candidates.


    Drawing upon the resources of SED and BOCES professional staff, the District Superintendent consults with school districts on a variety of educational issues including:

    • Implementing state standards and graduation requirements
    • Re-organizing school boundaries
    • Participating in SED programs and services
    • Update local school leaders and board of education on policy directives from SED
    • Provide local leadership to close student performance gaps