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Compass Program holds 3rd annual photo contest

In January, students from Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES’ Compass Program visited the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, in Syracuse. Throughout the month, the zoo held its 13th Annual Photo Contest, which invited amateur photographers ages five and older to visit the park and take photographs of the animals. Compass Students visited the zoo in order to see the animals and take part in the competition, which will announce its winners in mid-to-late February.

Following the submission deadline for the zoo’s competition, Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES hosted its own photo contest, consisting of the submissions made by the middle school students who partook in the zoo’s photo contest. Over 20 students from the Compass Program were part of the zoo trip, with most taking upwards of 100 pictures of the animals throughout the park. Each student was asked to choose their three personal favorites from among those that they snapped, which were used for the school’s internal competition. 2018 represents the third year of the school’s internal photo contest.

Voting was held on Feb. 8, and both students and faculty were encouraged to vote for their three favorite photos among the students’ submissions. A point system was devised to tally those votes, of which there have typically been many.

“We’ve had over 300 people stop in to vote last year,” said Drew Yakawiak, Principal of the Compass Program. “It’s a great opportunity to bring everyone in the school together, and to get these kids some recognition from a more local audience.”

After the votes were tallied, these three students were recognized as the winners of the BOCES contest:
first place monkey photo
First place: Xandar Garnett (Auburn Enlarged City School District)

2nd place snake photo
Second place: Emma Davidson (Auburn Enlarged City School District)

3rd place tree frog photo
Third place: Elijah Dutcher (Jordan-Elbridge Central School District)

Here are some of the other outstanding submissions from the contest: 
ducks donkey
goat penguins
These animals seem perfectly at home in the snow

This parrot's bright plumage adds a welcomed pop of color to any scenario
sleeping leopard neon fish
monkeys neon eel
Whether up in a tree or down in the sea, these animals offer great photo opportunities for the patient shutterbug






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