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A Learning Technology Service will be offered to all of the component districts in the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES to meet the instructional technology needs of our districts by providing a continuum of services including planning, support and maintenance, and evaluation specifically focused on the implementation of the New York State Standards through the use of technology.  Specifically, the components of the service consist of:
  • Technology planning facilitation with districts;
  • Development of a Common Learning Objectives approach to the implementation of technology integration;
  • Purchase, installation, and maintenance of instructional technology linked to the adopted Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Common Learning Objectives;
  • Support for the ongoing use of technology as an instructional tool through the development and implementation of a common set of learning objectives;
As districts move toward becoming technology rich environments for students and staff, there is an increasing need for a continuum of support services enabling effective and cost efficient implementation of instructional technology. The cornerstone of this computer-based service will be a set of Common Learning Objectives (CLO) developed within the context of the New York State Long Range Technology Plan, the NYS Learning Standards, and Commissioner's Regulation 100.11. The purpose of the Common Learning Objectives for the component districts of the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES is to serve as the frame for instruction and instructional support activities aimed at achieving the requirements of the Board of Regents and raising the standards and performance of students. Additionally, this service will also help increase the quality and equity of access to technology in a rural geographic area with a wide range of instructional needs, socio-economic abilities and regional topographical differences.
The Instructional Technology Service will meet the instructional technology needs of our districts by providing a continuum of services including planning, network installation and management, technical support and maintenance, staff development and evaluation. Specifically the components of the service consist of:
  • Coordination of technology planning with districts through the Model Schools and/or the Instructional Technologies CoSers;
  • Development of a set of Common Learning Objectives linked to the New York State Learning Standards that will be the basis for ongoing use of technology as an instructional tool;
  • Coordination, through regional advisory and content area committees, of the development of shared instructional strategies and assessment methods based on the Common Learning Objectives;
  • Facilitation of staff development in the potential for technology, the use of technology and lesson design using technology provided through the Model School CoSer:
  • Purchase, installation and maintenance of hardware, software and network designed to achieve instructional technology integration linked to the adopted Common Set of Learning Objectives;
  • Agreements between BOCES and participating districts to provide ongoing technical support and maintenance of the hardware, software, and networks;
  • Menu of WAN services that include Internet (pending SED approval), E-Mail and Web Servers.
Services that are offered through this CoSer include:
  • Internet Access/WAN Access
  • Bandwidth Allocation
  • Project Lead the Way
  • BrainPop
  • NovaNet-Courseware
  • Learning Technology Advisory Committee (LTAC)





Brian K. Hartwell, Ed.D.
District Superintendent of Schools

1879 West Genesee Street Rd.
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: (315) 253-0361

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