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Teacher Center

Brenda Aull-Klaben
Teacher Center Director
(315) 255-7608


New York’s Teacher and Computer Training Centers were established by the New York Legislature in 1984 under Education Law 316. At present there are approximately 130 centers serving school districts throughout the state. They collaborate with public and private teachers, schools, districts, institutions of higher learning, and other education stakeholders. Our Center, the Cayuga-Onondaga Teacher Center, serves the nine local component school districts of Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES and the private and parochial schools in our region.

We provide a variety of services and programs to enhance the professional development of teachers. The knowledge and skills acquired by our teachers supports their classroom instruction and has a positive impact on students’ academic and social performances. The Center made a concerted effort to involve the regions private and parochial schools in its 2017-2018 activity. They are encouraged to make use of all of the professional development programs offered by the Center. We have also maintained a productive relationship with Syracuse University, making use of the valuable human resources of their staff which enriches the program offerings of the Teacher Center.

The Center is governed by a Policy Board whose members are selected from the component school districts. While a majority of the board members are teachers, administrators and parents, higher education and the private and parochial schools are also represented on the Board. The Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES serves as the Local Education Agency (LEA), as a sponsor of the Teacher Center.

The Teacher Center is offering an exciting new staff development service. Beginning the first semester of this school year, a Request for Proposals (RFP) to engage in Action Research projects will be available.  Potential participants should review all information included prior to applying for an Action Research Project.  Of particular importance are the requirements for the participation of a research team and the financial incentives.
Please click the link below to learn more:
Action Research Announcement

2017-2018 Action Research Recipients

Anne Mlod: AECSD
Effectiveness of Library Makerspaces
Douglas McCall: AECSD
Apprenticeship in choral Music Education
Deborah Rielly: AECSD
Enrichment in the Heterogeneous Classroom
Amy Doyle/Allison Fennesy: AECSD
What is the relationship between teacher comments and student writing?


The Teaching Center Directing Council is happy to again announce the establishment of a new and exciting professional development opportunity.  A program entitled Collegial Circles provides teachers with structured time for reflection on classroom practices.  The program enables teachers to take responsibility for identifying and satisfying needs for professional growth.  It establishes a formal teacher support vehicle for sharing expertise through group processes.

Groups of from a three to four will identify a common area of interest to study and to satisfy common professional classroom needs.  Funding for the program will be competitive and requires the submission of a formal application.  Collegial Circle application packets explaining the program process and requirements are available from your building’s principal.

Please click the link below to learn more:
Collegial Circle Announcement

2017-2018 Successfully Completed Collegial Circles

Amy Doyle, Kelly Sue Haines, Lisa Spencer, Marcella Didio: AECSD
Literacy Across the Curriculum

Prin Furst, Brian Bealer, Stephanie Lehman: AECSD
1. Creating Units in Chemistry
2. Prioritizing Curriculum in Earth Science

Tabitha Scruton, Mary Ann Senn, Dawn Taylor, Veronica Leonardi: CO BOCES
Establishing Essential Outcomes for Mathematics Courses for students in Compass Program

Rebecca Davis, Sarah Jackson, Kathy Perez-Southern Cayuga
ELL Content Learning


CTLE Information and Assistance Video
  • Tuesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Thursday: 8:00am - 12:00pm
Please call ahead to make an appointment to visit
the Teacher Center as hours may change.

  • Professional Development Workshops and Conferences
  • Professional Library

  • Poverty Simulation- K-12
  • Book Studies (online, blended or face-to-face)
  • Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind by Eric Jensen (Fall)
  • Grading Smarter Not Harder by Myron Dueck (Winter)
  • Poor Students Rich Teaching Mindsets for Change by Eric Jensen (Spring)
  • Green Screen Activities - Grades K-12
  • Breakout EDU 3-12
  • iPad Integration Support
  • Tech Tools for Teachers
  • New Sub Training
  • Office 365 Training and Support
  • Digital Tools for Formative Assessment
  • Action Research Opportunity
  • Collegial Circle
Please contact Brenda for more information on
any of these opportunities.

Brenda Aull-Klaben
Lisa Rouse
Jennifer Bell
Jessica Docteur
Michelle Alcock
Elizabeth Molloy
Barb Varney
Madeline Montgomery
Margaux Milton
Anna Fikes
Robert Ratliff
Deb House
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Brian K. Hartwell, Ed.D.
District Superintendent / CEO

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