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Summer School

Drew Yakawiak
Summer School Principal
P: (315) 255-7630


BOCES offers a cooperative summer school for the following districts:

•  Auburn
•  Moravia
•  Port Byron
•  Weedsport


Classes are held in Auburn and are scheduled no earlier than July 1 of any year. The exact schedule is set each day based on the NYS Regents testing dates determined by the State Education Department. Each class is 118 minutes in length. Courses offered are determined by student needs and district requests. At the middle level, content area courses (English, math, science, and social studies) are offered, and at the high school level, a full schedule of credit-bearing courses is available.


Students are registered for summer school by the guidance counselor at their school. Parents cannot register students for summer school classes. Registrations occur beginning the first full week of June and end the last week of June. During the last ten days of summer school, those courses that offer an opportunity to make up a Regents exam hold a one-hour a day review class. Students who want to attend the review class must also have their guidance counselor register them for those sessions by the end of June. Exact dates vary each year based on the summer school calendar.

Summer school also offers Regents exam testing in August. Students must be pre-registered for an exam by their guidance counselor no later that the end of the second week of July. There are no walk-in opportunities available for Regents exams.

2019 Summer School Dates (July 9 - August 18, 2018)

Monday, July 9, 2018: First day of summer school classes. High school and middle school classes will be held at Auburn High School.

Period 1: (Auburn High School, 7:30-9:28 a.m.)
Period 2: (Auburn High School, 9:30-11:28 a.m.)

Monday, July 9 - Friday, July 13: There will be summer school classes

Monday, July 16 - Friday, July 20: There will be summer school classes

Friday(s), July 27, August 3, August 10: No classes

Monday, July 30 - Tuesday, August 14: Regents review classes at Auburn High School (class held Monday - Thursday, 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.)

Thursday, August 9: Final exams and last day of classes for middle school students only

Wednesday, August 15: High school local final exams and last day of classes

Thursday, August 16 & Friday, August 17: Regents exams at Auburn High School

Summer School Staff

Please visit the Employment Opportunities page to see how to apply to be a part of our Summer School staff.

Online Summer School Credit Recovery

If you are at risk at not staying on track towards graduation, credit recovery may assist you in getting back on track. Something happened... and for whatever reason it affected your grade. Whether you did not earn a passing grade and/or didn’t receive credit, this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate mastery at your own pace. There’s good news if you are willing to work hard within an online learning environment this summer. Within a structured school environment, you will be provided support and guidance by a certified teacher. A computer lab will be your classroom where you will be working alongside students who are also pursuing individually paced learning. Attendance and participation is critical to your success. A minimum of ten hours of participation on site, and successful completion of course assessments are required to earn credit. The primary site location will be Auburn High School for grades 11-12. A secondary site will be Weedsport High School for Weedsport and Port Byron participants in grades 9-12. Transportation will be determined by the component school district of your residence.

Auburn High School Site

Courses offered at the Auburn site for online credit recovery are:

  • English 11* and 12
  • U.S. History*
  • Government
  • Economics
Auburn Online Summer Credit Recovery Hours:
  • Period One: 7:30 - 9:28
  • Period Two: 9:30 - 11:28

Weedsport High School Site (Weedsport and Port Byron participants)

Courses offered at the Weedsport site for online credit recovery are:

  • English 9, 10, 11* and 12
  • U.S. History*
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Global Studies 9 and 10*
Weedsport Online Summer Credit Recovery Hours:
  • Period One: 7:30 - 9:28
  • Period Two: 9:32 - 12:00

Student Eligibility for Both Sites

  • Student must be pursuing credit recovery not credit accrual
  • Student must have passed required Regents exam*
  • Student must be recommended by counselor and/or high school principal
  • Student must express a desire to participate in an online learning environment
  • Student must demonstrate basic computer literacy skills

Things You Should Know

  • The program is self-paced.
  • Standards based curriculum will be used.
  • Credit for the course will be awarded upon successful completion.
  • First priority for admission will be given to students based on recommendations from component school counselors, principals, and central administration.
  • Each student must attend the first two days on site to determine readiness and success predictability.
  • Students must agree to abide by all applicable Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Board of Education internet acceptable use policies.
  • Students who fail to abide by these policies may result in loss of computer privileges and dismissal from the online summer credit recovery program.
  • If you have access to the internet, wherever you are, you can work to succeed in this program.
  • In addition to the mandatory ten hours on site, you can continue your work independently offsite.
  • All pre- and post- tests must be completed at your designated onsite location with proper supervision.





Brian K. Hartwell, Ed.D.
District Superintendent of Schools

1879 West Genesee Street Rd.
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone: (315) 253-0361

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